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The Kenya Photography Awards is an annual event organized by the Photographers’ Association of Kenya (P.A.K.) and PAWA254 to recognize skill, talent and hard work among professional and upcoming photographers in Kenya. Photographers submit their work in nine main categories, selected to cover diverse areas of interest.


The Kenya Photography awards 2016 competition has six main categories from which photographers can submit entries: News, Daily Life, Sports, Creative, Nature, and Portraiture. Over and above that, judges shall select Young Photographer of the Year and a shortlist for the People’s Choice (online vote). The overall winner shall be crowned the Photographer of the Year 2016.


This year’s categories are: NEWS, DAILY LIFE, SPORTS, CREATIVE, NATURE and PORTRAITURE. Photographers can submit their entries as a maximum of 2 entries per category, across all categories. This means a maximum of 12 entries per person. Entries may either be 2 singles into the same or different categories, or 1 single and a series within the same category or series in different categories.

NB: You cannot enter the same series or image into more than one category. (Series entries must contain a minimum of 4 and maximum of 12 photos.)

The overall winner off these categories shall be crowned the Photographer of the Year 2016.

  • NEWS: Singles/series covering news events and their aftermath, including politics, economy, social tensions and upheavals, environment, crises, relief and crime.
  • DAILY LIFE: Singles/series that cast light on perspectives of everyday life in Kenya.
  • NATURE (WILDLIFE/LAND-SEASCAPE): Singles/series that show new perspectives on nature photography.
  • PORTRAITURE: Singles/series on people (public figures, celebrities, ordinary people, weddings, etc), staged or natural.
  • CREATIVE (ART/ARCHITECTURE/CITYSCAPE): Singles/series that depict experimental and artistic approaches to photography.
  • SPORTS: Singles/series that portray a sports event or activity.
  • MOST PROMISING YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHER: This category is strictly for photographers who are 23 years of age and below as at 31st December 2015.
  • PEOPLE’S CHOICE: This is open to any type of entry. The photo that has the most likes from the public wins. 


The ‘Young Photographer of the Year’ shall be determined by the judges from the 10 best photographers in the 18-24 year bracket. This means there are no direct submissions to this category. The same applies to ‘The People’s Choice‘ category. The judges will shortlist 10 entries from all submissions and subject them to an online vote.